A Bugs Life (1998)

bugs life

“It’s the same year after year, they come, they eat, they leave; that’s our lot in life. It’s not a lot, but it’s our life.” – Queen

Number of Times Seen – 3 (at least, in theater, on DVD and 9 April 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Flik, an enthusiastic ant, goes to the big city to get help to fight the band of grasshoppers causing trouble for the ant colony.

My Take on it – I’ve always loved Pixar movies, those guys really know how to make entertaining films and the animation is amazing!  For their second full length feature, Pixar chose to create a heart-warming story that borrows from The Magnificent Seven (1960) about a young ant who uses his wit to create inventions to make the work the ants do easier for the colony eventhough they want to stick with their old ways and think of him as a screw-up.

Great voice talents in Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Richard Kind and of course Dave Foley as Flik.

I have always loved Pixar films cause they just know how to do it right. In my opinion this film still wasn’t as good as Toy Story (1995) , but a solid sophomore pic from the young studio.

Bottom Line – Worthy of the Pixar name, great entertainment, excellent animation from the masters! Highly recommend if you haven’t seen it yet

Rating – Oscar Worthy (9/10)

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