Pawn (2013)

pawn“Whose move is it?” – Will

Number of Times Seen – 1 (17 April 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A diner robbery goes from bad to worse when a cop shows up and nothing is ever as it seems.

My Take on it – I somehow came across this movie, knowing nothing about it. I was drawn to it by it’s stellar cast and its somewhat simple synopsis, or so I thought!! I’ve always enjoyed movies where nothing is what it seems. They artfully use point of view storytelling (like Rashomon (1950)) thru parts of the movie which constantly changes what you know and believe is going on. They somehow got a number of high quality actors (Ray Liotta, Michael Chiklis, Stephen Lang and Forest Whitaker) to be a part of this movie and the movie is better because of it. The plot seems to me to be something that Tarantino would come up with, but without the Tarantino heavy monologues.

Bottom Line – Enjoyable tense movie. Kept me guessing all the time about what was really going on.  I Recommended it.

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)

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