Reservoir Dogs (1992)

rdogs“If you shoot this man, you die next. Repeat. If you shoot this man, you die next.” Mr. White

Number of Times Seen – No clue (numerous times on Video, DVD and on Cable, March 2013)

Brief Synopsis – 6 men, a diamond heist. what could go wrong?

My Take on it – Tarantino takes the heist genre to a new level with his low budget firm film. The action all takes place in one room with sporadic flashbacks filling in the gaps. Because Tarantino is so adept at writing dialogue, his characters do wonders by explaining what happened which helps to give us a broader picture of what actually happened during the heist, even though we never see any of the heist itself, only the aftermath.

This is the kind of material that great actors are drawn to. That would help explain how Tarantino got top quality actors for the lead parts.  Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madson, Chris Penn and Steve Buscemi are all excellent.

Tarantino has a way to make us love characters who are bad men who do bad things.

With this movie, he made a name for himself which lead to him becoming a quality director that so many actors wanted (and still want) to work for.

Bottom Line – Extremely violent, but compelling movie. One of Tarantino’s best. Highly Recommended

Rating – Oscar Worthy (10/10)

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