Liberal Arts (2012)

liberal arts“Don’t be a genius who dies young. Be one who dies old. Being old is cool. Grow old, and die old. It’s a better arc.” – Jesse Fisher

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 April 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Jesse Fisher takes a trip to his alma mater for a retirement party and falls for a 19 year old student.

My Take on it – Josh Radnor is back to try and prove he has more in him that being Ted Mosby. Unfortunately, he once again fails. As writer, director and star, he brings us into the boring life of a college employee bored with his life and job until he gets an invitation to his favorite professor’s from his college days retirement party. While there, he meets the 19 year old daughter of friends of the professor and they hit it off. The rest of the movie dangles the question whether a 30- something can date a 19 year old.

Throughout the movie, I was waiting for something interesting to happen and it just didn’t.

As I’ve stated before, Radnor needs to try and create a world and scenario where we won’t see him as Ted Mosby (and the beard just isn’t enough).

This movie had potential, but they just never used the opportunities. Pity. I really am looking forward to day Radnor (who seems to have talent) actually realizes that talent that must be hiding somewhere inside of Ted Mosby. Maybe when HIMYM ends next season, it will happen.

Bottom Line – Too slow paced for me; found it boring and didn’t connect with the characters at all.  Not recommended

Rating – Razzie Worthy (4/10)

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