Taking Care of Business (1990)

index“Smell the hot dogs now, Jimmy. The crack of the bat; the roar of the crowd; you can order your tickets now, Jim.” – Warden Toolman

Number of Times Seen – No clue, but many times (also 29 April 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Jimmy Dworski is 2 days away from being released from prison and after he escapes to attend the world series, he finds the filofax of Spencer Barnes which changes both of their lives forever.

My Take on it – I saw this movie so many times on cable in the early 90’s, but had totally forgotten about it. Last week after watching Star Trek (2009), I was doing a search on IMDB on JJ Abrams and came across this unknown fact (to me); TCOB was JJ’s first feature film credit as a writer (I also didnt know that he wrote Regarding Henry (1991) with Harrison Ford, Forever Young (1993) with Mel Gibson and Armageddon (1998) with Bruce Willis. Look for reviews of all 3 of those in the coming weeks)

Watching this movie again was sooo enjoyable to me. I loved the dialogue, loved the plot and Jim Belushi is great as the comedian and Charles Grodin is great as the straight man (see also Midnight Run (1988)).

This movie has another big plus for me personally, there is a baseball aspect. There are many baseball references and we even get to see parts of a game.

Very fun to watch!

Bottom Line – Fun movie, see it it you want to just laugh out loud and have a great time. Recommended

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Business (1990)

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