Freelancers (2012)

freelancer“That door you just walked through only works one way. In. Once you’re in, the only way out is to the sounds of gunshots and bagpipes..” Joe Sarcone

Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A young rookie cop is brought into the world of NYPD corruption and must decide what is the right thing to do

My Take on it – I have seen this movie so many other times in previous generic dirty cop movies. I didn’t really see anything new here that would make this stand out among them.  I had heard really good things about this movie and was disappointed when it didn’t follow through.

Best Actor winners Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker both obviously took the job just for the money because talent like them is wasted here. 50 Cent isn’t a talent so nothing wasted, nothing gained.

Bottom Line – Generic dirty cop movie. I wouldn’t recommend seeing it. Go see The Departed (2006) if you want to see a great cop movie

Rating – Razzie Worthy

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