Up (2009)

up“That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.” – Russell

Number of Times Seen – 2 ( 26 Oct 2009 and 23 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A retired old man decides to take an adventurous trip to South America by using his “House”

My Take on it – When I saw this movie, I was amazed at how well the movie was written and once again was surprised that the Pixar team was still able to “keep up their excellent work”.

This time it really paid off; they garnered not only an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature (like most of the previous Pixar films), but it also got a Best Picture Nod. This was only the second time in history when an animated movie was nominated and the first time a Pixar film received (Toy Story 3 (2010) would also get nominated the following year) one.

This movie also has the distinction of being the only Best Picture nominee ever with 2 letters in the name. Z (1969) had only one letter.

This movie deals with very real-life issues like coping with loss and with parents without children and children without parents.  Some of the scenes in this movie were very emotional for me to watch.

Great voice talent from Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and (as always) John Ratzenberger.

Great adventure story, great score and above all else, a great movie overall

Bottom Line – One of Pixar’s best. Well deserving of the Oscar BP nomination. Highly Recommended!!

Rating – Oscar Worthy

10 thoughts on “Up (2009)

  1. Up is a great film. The only issue I had was it was sold to me by a work colleague based on the comedy of the talking dog, Dug, so I was totally unprepared for the Carl and Ellie storyline…


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