Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)

yours-mine-and-ours-poster“[narrating why his ten kids resent him] Truthfully, I think they blamed me for neglecting their mother all those years. But there seemed to me that there was enough physical evidence I hadn’t neglected her completely!” – Frank Beardsley

Number of Times Seen – Too many times to count (numerous times on Video, DVD 23 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A widower with 10 kids meets a widow with 8 and they fall in love which leads to many complex issues for the couple and their 18 kids.

My Take on it – Who among us hasn’t seen the Brady Bunch? This movie came out before The Brady Bunch and due to the success of this movie, the show was actually green-lit by the network.

As a kid growing up in a “blended” family myself, my mother had us watch this movie in order to get us to understand a bit of the complexities and the humorous aspects of our situation.  I was immediately taken in by it and to this day, many years later still enjoy watching it whenever I can.

Ironically, I myself got remarried 3 years ago and now I’m the head of an even more blended family since we have an “ours” of our own (something my parents didn’t have).

It’s amazing how a movie from over 40 years ago can instill within me such a close emotional bond that affected me as a kid and still now as an adult.

Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball and Van Johnson were great in this movie.

Apparently, Lucille Ball bought the rights to this novel (which was based on a real life story) which was called “Who gets the drumstick?” and even she was surprised at how well it did in the theater that she didn’t create a tax shelter for herself and subsequently needed to pay a lot of taxes on the profits.

Look for Tom Bosley (from Happy Days fame) in a small role as the Doctor.

Tim Matheson of The West Wing, Fletch (1985), Up The Creek (1984) and Animal House (1978)  fame plays the oldest of the 18 kids.

The meal scene with the “lazy Susan” is classic. I have two sisters named Susan so it always brings a smile to my face.

They made a PC  remake of this movie in 2005 (which was terrible) with Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo where most of the kids were adopted and of different races and nationalities.

Bottom Line – Fun movie, still relevant today IMHO for “blended” families. Highly Recommended.

Rating – Oscar Worthy

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