Robot & Frank (2012)

index“I hate hikes. God damned bugs! You’ve seen one tree – you’ve seen all..” – Frank

Number of Times Seen – 1 (27 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – The son of a thief buys him a robot companion to help take care of him

My Take on it – I hadn’t heard about this movie until I saw that Cinema Parrot Disco wrote that it was one of her favorite movies of this year.  I decided based just on that to see it and am glad that I did since I also enjoyed it.

This movie deals with the issue of memory loss and how it effects us as we get older and what that means for our everyday life. It does it in a very subtle way with small hints and reminders throughout the movie and it is quite poignant.

Frank Langella was great as a curmudgeon who still was very likeable {similar to Carl Fredrickson in Up (2008).}

The rest of the cats were adequate, but since this was basically a movie about Langella’s character and his friendship with the robot, they were all somewhat inconsequential. Peter Sarsgaard is the voice of the robot.

I also like how the movie showed the immediate future as being just a step or two above the way things are now technologically.  I don’t knwo if this can be considered sci-fi, just helped make the premise of a robot helper more plausible.

Bottom Line – Enjoyable movie. Interesting premise. Says a lot about how fathers and sons relate to each other. Recommended

Rating – Globe Worthy

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