Blade Runner (1982)

220px-Blade_Runner_poster“Gosh, you’ve… really got some nice toys here” – Batty

Number of Times Seen – A few times  (video, 28 May 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A former cop is forced out of retirement to capture 6 rogue “replicants” who have returned to Earth

My Take on it – I have seen this movie a few times over the years and never had a great love for it. It always seemed a bit distant to me.

Having re-watched it, I can now honestly say that I just don’t “get” what the big deal is with it.  The story isn’t that entertaining and if it is so easy to find the replicants, why do they need to bring in a retired cop to get them?

Lots of controversy surrounding this movie and I definitely understand why.  That’s usually what happens with cult classics. There are fans and foes and I unfortunately don’t fall into the fan category.

It’s actually saddens me when things like this happen. As a lover of movies, I want to like every movie I see, but the fact that we all have our own minds and opinions just means that we all are able to decide for ourselves what we think of things.  I tried so hard to like this movie, but it just bored me too much {and this is coming from someone who enjoyed The English Patient (1996) and Dances With Wolves (1990)  🙂 }

Great actors in this movie: Harrison Ford, Rutgar Hauer, Sean Young,  Joanna Cassidy and Darryl Hannah each play key roles in this film.  Unfortunate, even that cannot save this movie from my pen (ok, keyboard).

Bottom Line – It’s a cult classic, so there are those that will love and those like me who didn’t. I suggest you check it out to see where you fall

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

5 thoughts on “Blade Runner (1982)

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    • Tough question because I dont recall. I know how the DC changes the ending but I just wasn’t too fond of the story. Yes some of those visuals are truly amazing. Tnx for stopping by and commenting Vern!


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