Lonely are the Brave (1962)

lrtb“Believe you me, if it didn’t take men to make babies I wouldn’t have anything to do with any of you!” – Jerri Bonds

Number of Times Seen – 1 (26 Jun 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A cowboy in the 1950’s breaks INTO prison to try and free a friend.

My Take on it – I have read that this was Kirk Douglas’ favorite of his movie, but I just don’t understand it.  It was torture watching this movie since it was sooo boring.

The only bright spots in this movie for me were the fact that future famous actors had bit parts; Walther Matthau, Carrol O’Connor, George Kennedy and William Schallert.  Most of them were not recognizable right away, but eventually I was able to realize who they were.

According to what I’ve read this movie’s theme was how could a real cowboy react to the changes in the world and technology.  Having read that, I finally understood the point of the movie, but still felt very disconnected to it.

If you wanna see a great Kirk Douglas movie, I recommend seeing Spartacus (1960), Paths of Glory (1957), Seven Days in May (1964) or Cast a Giant Shadow (1966)

Bottom Line – Hated this movie, didn’t connect with the characters and didn’t care what would happen to them.

Rating – Razzie Worthy

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