The Last Castle (2001)

index“So let me get this straight. You mean there’s violence, in a prison packed with violent criminals?” – General Eugene Irwin

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 (26 March 2002 in Theater, DVD, 29 Jun 2013)

Brief Synopsis – An incarcerated general and a prison commandant succumb to a battle of wits when they disagree over how the prison should be run.

My Take on it – Rod Lurie knows how to choose good material and this movie is great.

Robert Redford and (the late) James Gandolfini are great adversaries in this battle of wits to steal the hearts and minds of their men.

Plot is laid out like a great chess game between two masters and although there are a few lull’s in the development of the story, it moves quite well throughout the two hours.

It’s interesting that this movie was made before 9/11, but came out afterwards and it’s overall theme of honor and duty for flag and country became even more poignant after the attacks of that day.  What remarkable is that the main theme of the movie is entitled 9/11 and that’s because they finished the theme on that fateful morning.

Not as good a movie as The Contender (2000), but a close second on Lurie’s resume.

Bottom Line – Great movie, written well with a great cast. Recommended

Rating – Oscar Worthy

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