The Westerner (1940)

westener“[to Bean] When I was a kid, I had a pet rattlesnake. I was fond of it, but I wouldn’t turn my back on it.” – Cole Harden

Number of Times Seen –  1 (8 Jul 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A drifter stops in a Texas town ruled by the corrupt Judge Roy Bean.

My Take on it – There are few movies that are saved by one performance alone, but this is one of them. Walter Brennan won his 3rd Best Supporting Actor Oscar (a record still today) for his role as Judge Roy Bean.

Gary Cooper was so-so in this movie. He was much better in High Noon (1952) 12 years later.

The story wasn’t so interesting, but as I stated before, Brennan’s Bean was great. It was actually quite amusing hearing him speak since I’m use to hearing him as his character Stumpy in Rio Bravo (1959) and obviously he sounded cranky in both. 🙂

Bottom Line – Mediocre western saved by the performance of Walther Brennan as Judge Roy Bean.

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

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