The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

pelham2“[Repeated line] I don’t know, Garber, why don’t you tell me and then we’ll both know.” – Ryder

Number of Times Seen – 2 (16 Oct 2009 and 12 Jul 2013)

Brief Synopsis – 4 armed men take over a subway train and hold it’s passengers hostage.

My Take on it – I watched this movie after having seen the original which perked my interest in seeing this one again.  It didn’t help since I still wasn’t too enthralled by it.

Hollywood likes to take successful movie and plot and recycle them.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Although they added top stars Denzel Washington and John Travolta to this version, it still wasn’t even close to being as good as the original from 1974.  They tried too hard to turn a taut thriller into an action movie and it just doesn’t deliver.

They used the basic framework of the original, but changed too many things that were essential to the great plot.

Dunno why Hollywood likes to screw up a good thing. 😦

Bottom Line – Not nearly as good as the original. They tried too hard to make this an action movie, but it’s better as a Thriller.  See the original!

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

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