One Day in September (1999)

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters“When I was a kid my father used to say our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized. Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They have now said there were eleven hostages; two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.” – Jim McKay

Number of Times Seen – Between 5 and 10 times  (TV, DVD, 15 Jul 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A documentary that tells the true story of the terrorist attack on the Israeli delegation at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

My Take on it – I cant say that I’ve seen a movie more powerful than this one.

I had heard about the Munich attacks beforehand, but this documentary really shows everything that happened and in some aspects in graphic detail.

Some of the truths unearthed here are sickening to see, but they show here how the media, the Olympic committee, the Israelis and the German government dealt with this situation that ultimately caused the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes at a “peaceful” sporting event.

Well deserving of it’s Oscar win for Best Documentary in 1999.

The events were dramatized in 21 Hours at Munich (1976), Sword of Gideon (1986) and Steven Spielberg’s Munich (2005)

Bottom Line – Very powerful movie that shows the true events as they happened and how the world reacted during this crisis. Highly Highly Recommended!!!

Rating – Oscar Worthy

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