My Cousin Vinny (1992)


“Well, perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove. Were these magic grits? I mean, did you buy them from the same guy who sold Jack his beanstalk beans?” – Vincent LaGuardia Gambini

Number of Times Seen – Between 5-10  (Theater, video, DVD, 19 Aug 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A NYC accident claim lawyer goes to Alabama to defend his cousin and his friend who are wrongfully accused of murder.

My Take on it – I gotta admit, I love this movie.

It happens to be one of the funniest courtroom dramas every made and it is all done in style.

The cats is great; Joe Pesci is hilarious in a role completely against typecast for him. (He’s not your average comedian). Marisa Tomei is amazing as his girlfriend and shocked the entire movie world when she beat our Lauren Bacall for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Fred Gwynne in one of his last roles was as always stellar as the by-the-book judge in the case and it was nice to see Ralph Macchio is a role not using karate chops. Supporting roles by Lane Smith, Bruce McGill, Maury Chaukin, Mitchell Whitfield, James Rebhorn and Austin Pendleton.

The plot is simple and somewhat stupid, but the jokes are great and you will (hopefully) find yourself laughing out loud for most of the 2 hours that you are sitting in front of your TV.

Bottom Line – Very funny movie. Well done courtroom comedy. Pesci and Tomei are both excellent. Recommended!

Rating – Globe worthy

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