The Guns of Navarone (1961)

The Guns of Navarone collectors edition DVD“Of *course* you wanted it, you’re an officer, aren’t you? I never let them make *me* an officer! I don’t want the responsibility!” – Corporal Miller

Number of Times Seen –  1 (26 Aug 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A team of commandos are sent to an island in the Aegean Sea to destroy a Nazi gun emplacement that is keeping the allies from advancing.

My Take on it – I cant believe that I never saw this movie before. It was very good and kept me interested throughout.

The plot was thrilling and tense and you never know whats going to happen next to the commandos as they get closer and closer to their target.

The cast is filled with many big name actors (Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, David Niven, Richard Harris, Stanley baker and Anthony Quayle).

This movie was nominated for Best Picture (in addition to 6 other Oscar nominations), but lost to West Side Story (1961). It only won an award for Best Special Effects.

This movie’s plot is somewhat reminiscent of The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) but with actors who seem much too old to be playing the commandos.  Supposedly, the British press dubbed this movie “Elderly Gang Goes Off to War” due to the ages of the main actors.

Bottom Line – Great WWII covert operations film that shows how thrilling a spy movie can really be. Interesting and gripping plot. Great (if old) cast and nicely done WWII war pic.

Rating – Globe Worthy

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