Murder By Numbers (2002)

murder_by_numbers“You get one life, and whatever you do with it, and whatever is done to you, you’ve got to face that. You can’t pretend it didn’t happen.” – Cassie

Number of Times Seen – 1  (3 Sep 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Two teenagers commit the perfect murder and are pursued by a vigilant detective who has a dark past.

My Take on it – I had never seen this before and I enjoyed it. (Thanks to for the recommendation SimonDaniel27)

My only problem was that I felt I was watching an episode of CSI instead of a movie.  I didn’t find the plot very intricate and the characters were pretty much all paper cutaways.  The only character who we got to know well was Sandra Bullock and her back story makes us care what happens to her, but we don’t care about anyone else at all.

Ryan Gosling was great here in one of his earliest performances (as he was also in The Believer (2001) which came out just before this one did) and as he has been ever since

Bottom Line – Mediocre movie, but great attempt at a CSI-type movie.

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

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