Pacific Rim (2013)

pr“One, don’t you ever touch me again. Two, don’t you ever touch me again.” – Stacker Pentecost

Number of Times Seen – 1 (2 Oct 2013)

Brief Synopsis – After many years of a war against alien invaders, humankind now use Super-Robots to combat the creatures.

My Take on it – Guillermo del Toro definitely knows how to make an interesting and captivation Godzilla movie.

This movies idea is based on the same strange sci-fi background story that many Japanese Godzilla-type movies were based on.

Apparently a rift in the Pacific Ocean allows creatures from another world to come to our and try to destroy it.

In Godzilla movie, generally they have one of two monsters.  In this one, they have hundreds, so the world powers join forces and create super robots powered by teams of two humans each to combat the invaders.

The science here seems somewhat plausible and the action is superb since they also found a way to mix modern technology and ancient Japanese combat techniques.

One of the interesting things that I enjoyed about this movie is very few of the actors are easily recognizable which gives you a feeling that most of the characters are “just like us”

When I saw the preview for this months ago, I thought it looked interesting but assumed it would be terrible.

I’m very glad I was wrong!

Bottom Line – Great sci-fi movie, loved the science and the action. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy

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