Seven Days in May (1964)

7days“[introducing his dog Trimmer to Col. Casey] Trimmer is a very political dog. He doesn’t have many principles, but he’s loyal to his friends.” – President Jordan Lyman

Number of Times Seen –  at least 5 times (on video, DVD, 17 Feb 2002 and 14 Oct 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A senior military officer unknowingly uncovers a plot for the US military to overthrow the Presidency.

My Take on it – I read this book in high school and have seen the movie a few times.  I have always enjoyed political thrillers and this one is a great example as to how a possible coup could happen even in a “modern” country like the US. The movie is set during the Cold War in the mid-1970’s

The acting here is definitely stellar and each of the 6 main actors (Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Ava Gardner, Edmond O’Brien, Martin Balsam and especially Fredric March)  do an amazing job of delivering long soliloquies explaining their side of things.

March is especially great as the belligerent President, he finds a way to show that he is in command, but still concerned of losing his control if his plans don’t work.

I really liked how even in 1964, they tried to show what the near future would look like by using teleconferencing and other slight futuristic ideas.

Bottom Line – Great political thriller that shows the fear that the American military had during the Cold War Era. Great acting. Highly Recommended

Rating – Oscar Worthy

9 thoughts on “Seven Days in May (1964)

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