Invincible (2006)

inv“Even if you’re down there for an hour, you’re down there. – Tommy

Number of Times Seen – 2  (11 Dec 2006 and 17 Oct 2013)

Brief Synopsis – The true story of how Vince Papale, a part time bartender strived to play in the NFL during an open tryout in the mid-1970’s

My Take on it – Who doesn’t like a true story of an underdog trying to get what his heart desires?  Especially if its an inspiring sports story.

Like the true story The Rookie (2002) and the fictional Rocky (1976), this movie tells the story of a sports underdog striving to make his dreams come true.

Mark Wahlberg plays the main character Vince Papale, a Philadelphia bartender who gets a chance at an open tryout to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

The new coach of the Eagles, Dick Vermeil (played by Greg Kinnear) also has an enormous dream to tackle being that the team he has taken over hasn’t had a winning season in years.

This movie gives everyone who has a dream hope that perhaps one day they will get an opportunity to attempt that dream and they must overcome their fears and trepidations to try and succeed in that dream.

Great supporting roles by Elisabeth Banks, Michael Rispoli and Kevin Conway.

Bottom Line – Great true story sports movie. Always love the underdog!  Highly recommended

Rating – Oscar Worthy

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