Grown Ups (2010)

gu“Like when Rob snapped at me the other day, that was scary. And you all thought I was so calm, but inside I was saying “Gloria Nunen, do not call him a bug-eyed sociopath with a little man complex. Do not say that his hair makes him look like a dirty q-tip. Or that he resembles an older, gay Jonas Brother. Or a midget, Filipino Fonzi.” – Gloria

Number of Times Seen –  2 (11 Jul 2010 and 4 Nov 2013)

Brief Synopsis – 5 childhood friends get together with their families for a weekend reunion following the death of the coach of their childhood basketball team.

My Take on it – This movie works really well, four of the five main stars are former SNL buddies and having Kevin James fill in for the deceased Chris Farley works quite well.

Many of the supporting characters are played by other former SNL alumni and with such talent together helps the movie along.

Since most of the actors know each other so well, the chemistry between them is amazing and we can really believe that they were great friends as kids.  The joking and insults they throw at each other don’t seem mean spirited at all, just friendly jests that close friends can get away with doing.

The storyline itself isn’t important since the camaraderie is there and makes us laugh.  It actually made me wish I was still in touch with some of my friends from my youth.

It was great seeing some old SNL faces here who are not usually in the media spotlight like Colin Quinn and TIm Meadows.

Bottom Line – Funny movie, great cast of former SNL key players keep the humor and hilarious situations at the perfect level. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy

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