The Peacemaker (1997)

index“I don’t know about these guys, but General Aleksandr Kodoroff doesn’t ride around on a nuclear transportation train. It’s like Ivana Trump on the subway.” – Thomas Devoe

Number of Times Seen –  2 (on DVD in late 90’s and 12 Nov 2013)

Brief Synopsis – An Army colonel and a government analyst need to find a stolen nuclear bomb before it is set off.

My Take on it – This movie was meant to be a hit because of it’s lead actors, and not due to it’s plot which is like a slice of Swiss cheese; very thin and full of holes.

George Clooney’s charm works for him in most genre’s but not in an action movie.

Same goes for Nicole Kidman.

Neither of them should have been cast in this movie and putting top-tier actors in movies like this don’t help, but rather hinder the quality of the movie and of their own reputations.  Perhaps many viewers will go see this for the eye candy, but they will soon realize that that’s all this movie has going for it.

Stay far far away from this one.

Bottom Line – Bland, boring action movie.  Kidman and Clooney completely mis-cast here. Don’t waste your time at all.

Rating –Razzie Worthy

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