Good Will Hunting (1997)

gwh“Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.” – Sean

Number of Times Seen – At least 5 (in theater in late 1997, DVD, 10 Aug 2006 and 18 Nov 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A young man working as a janitor at MIT has a gift for mathematics but must seek the help of a psychologist to help get his life in order.

My Take on it – I remember seeing this in the theater and enjoying it, but I could never understand (and still can’t) why so many people were completely blown away by this movie.  It happens to be very good, but it isn’t great.

The standouts here are Matt Damon (who also co-wrote this with Ben Affleck) and Robin Williams who both give amazing performances.  Williams who is obviously most known for playing quirky comedic parts, seems right at home here as the psychologist who while trying to help Damon’s character must also try and make sense of his own troubles.  As good as Williams is as a comedian, I think his serious roles are much better and much more memorable.  He won an Oscar for Best Supporting actor for this role.

Working now in the field of scientific research, I have a much greater appreciation for many aspects of the movie, but I still think this movie is given credit for being much better than it truly is.

Bottom Line – Slightly over-rated movie.  It’s good, just not great. Damon and Williams are both excellent here. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy

14 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting (1997)

    • yep, that’s what happens when you re-watch movies years later. I truly believe that a large part of the movie watching experience is where you are in your life at the time you see it which is why it’s good to see movies numerous times because each time the experience is unique.

      I loved American Beauty (1999) both times i saw it in the theater and subsequent times afterwards, but when I saw it last year, it had lost some of it’s ‘kick’ with me.



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