Outbreak (1995)

Outbreak poster 1“We are fugitives of the law. Idiocy is our only option.” – Sam Daniels

Number of Times Seen – between 5 and 10 times (Theater in 1995, video, DVD, 18 Mar 2000 and 1 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A group of military doctors must find a cure for a deadly virus that has infected members of a small Californian town before it spreads

My Take on it – When this movie came out in the theater it was hailed as being such a great movie dealing with the treat of a potential virus outbreak.

And it was.

The problem is that the genre has taken flight over the past twenty years and evolved (mostly to zombie movies) in ways that nobody could have imagined thud leaving this movie is limbo because as good as it was, it will always only be great in the context of 1995.

The cast is also great for 1995 since it has one double Oscar winner (Dustin Hoffman), two future Oscar winners (Morgan Freeman and Cuba Gooding Jr.) and a future double Oscar winner (Kevin Spacey).  It also has a young McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey), Donald Sutherland and Rene Russo.

It’s an entertaining movie, but isn’t as good watching it today as it was 18 years ago when it came out.

Bottom Line – Good movie, but hasn’t aged well and there are many better virus type movies that have come out since this one did. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy

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