10 Years (2011)

index“Im not a rock star, I’m just a musician” – Reeves

Number of Times Seen – 1 (3 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A group of friend reunite at their 10 year reunion of graduating high school.

My Take on it –  This is another one of those movies that probably started off as a great idea for a movie, but evolved into something not what the writers intended.

We all wonder what happened to everyone we went to school with and some of us take advantage of those events that allow us to find out and some of us don’t.

This movie tells the story about those who do show up at a reunion and we get to hear from the characters how they all have changed over the years, some for the better and some for the worse.

The problem here is that the movie doesn’t focus enough on a few of the characters, but on 10-15 of them and we don’t get to know any of them well enough to care about their lives.

Sometimes, too many non-developed characters can ruin a movie and unfortunately, this movie falls into that trap.  If this was a book, the writer would have been able to truly develop all of the characters much better and give us a more complete story instead of small vignettes from so many characters that don’t really lead us anywhere.

Pity…because there are many talented young actors here who seem wasted.

Bottom Line – Good idea, but way too many characters make the story confusing and completely disjointed.

Rating – BAFTA Worthy

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