Teacher’s Pet (1958)

tp“Calling what I have a ‘hangover’ is like referring to the Johnstown flood as a slight drizzle.” – Dr. Hugo Pine

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times  (18 Aug 2001, DVD and 3 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A newspaper editor and a night school journalism professor disagree on whether it’s better to learn in a classroom or thru experience on the street and during their debates, they begin to fall in love.

My Take on it – Apparently, this movie started out on paper as a pure serious drama, but somehow it made it’s way to a very fun rom-com.

Before Clark Gable signed on for the main role, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were offered the part, but both declined due to the vast age difference between them and leading lady Doris Day.  Gable didn’t have the same qualms and took the role and does a wonderful job with it.  Gig Young plays a psychologist who is friendly with both of them and tries to give them advice about life and love.

The theme here is quite simple; where can one get a better education, in a classroom or in the boardroom?

There isn’t a clear answer to that question even 56 years later and both sides have their merits.

The dialogue here is amazing and each of the characters have numerous one liners that really hit the spot.  Since it’s a movie from the 50’s there are many innuendos here and it’s interested to see how they managed to get away with as much as they did.

This is my favorite of Doris Day’s movies and I think she is in top form here.

Also loved the theme song sung by Doris Day. Hear it here.

Bottom Line – Great fun romantic comedy from the 1950’s.  Both Gable and Day are excellent here despite the age differences and Gig Young fits in really nice as a friend and confidant to both. The theme is still applicable today. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy

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