Aint Them Bodies Saints (2013)

index“Every day I wake up thinking today’s the day I’m gonna see you. And one of those days, it will be so. And then we can ride off to somewhere. Somewhere far away.” – Bob Muldoon

Number of Times Seen – 1  (8 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A young criminal escapes from prisoner on a quest across Texas in order to meet up with his wife and his daughter that he has never met.

My Take on it –  I had heard that his movie was very good and I still have no clue why there are people who think so.

This movie moves so slowly and it takes forever for something to happen.

I couldn’t feel much sympathy for any of the characters and just wanted to movie to end.  Casey Affleck is a great actor (loved him in Gone, Baby, Gone (2009) in the title role.), but here I didn’t see that he had much to work with.

The feelings I had after watching this were similar to what I felt after watching Stoker (2013), I felt that I must be missing something since many people thought both of them are brilliant, but I just see a boring movie that doesn’t add anything to my life.

If anyone out there can explain to me why this movie is good, please enlighten me.

Bottom Line – Very strange movie.  Moves extremely slowly and isn’t very interesting.

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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