Gravity (2013)

1380183420113_gravity-dd20c4“Clear skies with a chance of satellite debris.” – Ryan Stone

Number of Times Seen – 1 (9 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – Two astronauts are stranded in space and must find a way back to Earth.

My Take on it – This was a movie that I’ve have wanted to see every since I was told about it from Brockingmovies back in the summer.

Watching it was truly an experience because they are able to create an entire story around 2 characters and it works so well.

This unique way of telling a story keeps us interested throughout the entire 90 minutes of this movie and we feel so connected to the characters that we invest much into watching their attempt to survive with such intensity.

Many times, actors get nominations and win awards for movies that they don’t really deserve them for just because it can be seen that they are truly great actors and deserving of an award not for a particular role, but rather for their acting abilities.

Sandra Bullock is one of those kind of actors.  She won an Oscar for The Blind Side (2008) which was an above average movie and also an above average role, but in no way Oscar Worthy.  Here she clearly makes up for that.  I think she will be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for this role and it will be a shame if she isn’t because this is truly her best role ever.  The emotions that she conveys to the viewers are excellent and seem so real.

George Clooney has always been a solid actor and is very good here, he plays his character with much confidence and acts under pressure with pure leadership qualities.

The special effects here are done so well, that we really believe they are in space and interacting with everything around them millions and millions of miles away from the safety of Earth.

This is the best movie of 2013 that I have seen so far.

I already plan to see it again in the coming days (if not beforehand).

Bottom Line – Amazing movie. Excellent special effects. One of the best movies of the year. Highly Recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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2 thoughts on “Gravity (2013)

  1. Best movie going experience I’ve had in ages 🙂 But do know that this will lose something when watched on a small screen. I loved Bullock’s character, though, and thought she was great. I know not everyone liked the characters or script.


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