Class Action (1991)

7465587.3“By the way, you so much as look at my daughter, they won’t be able to identify you with dental records.” – Jedidiah Tucker Ward

Number of Times Seen – around 5  (In theater in 1991, 9 Oct 1991, cable, video and 12 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A father and a daughter on opposing sides during a class action lawsuit against a car manufacturer must try to deal with their relationship while the trial rages on

My Take on it – Gene Hackman is always a great actor and this movie is not an exemption to that rules, but the problem here is the storyline. It’s quite mediocre and we would like to expect a courtroom drama with more fire than this one carries.

The acting besides Hackman is OK and no one really sticks out here.

I recall liking this one much better when I first saw it, perhaps that’s because I didn’t know yet what would happen and this time I did and the movie was slightly disappointing because of that.

Bottom Line – Mediocre courtroom drama that I enjoyed more the first time I saw it than I do now.

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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