MovieRob’s Childhood Flashback Movie Challenge

cfmc5Memories of movies have a great effect on all of us.

We recall a movie we saw as a kid and remember all the wonderful things of what we saw on the big (or little) screen.

Throughout my years of watching movies, I have revisited many of the movies I loved as a kid and sometimes, the memories I have of those movies were correct and I still enjoyed the movie, but unfortunately, most times that isn’t the case.


Many movies don’t live up to those great memories and I’m interested to see if that rings true to everyone else out there, not just for me.

I have therefore decided to throw out a challenge to all you movie lovers out there.

So here is my challenge:

Watch a movie that you loved as a kid and haven’t seen in many years and then send me your review of it touching upon your memories and what you think of the movie today.  It can be in any format you wish, but try to keep them as spoiler free as possible (if possible).

The idea here isn’t to ruin great memories, but to see how they stand up over the years, so you don’t need to choose your favorite favorite movie because the last thing I wanna do is destroy happy thoughts of your favorite movie.

Since January is the first month of a new year symbolizing rejuvenation, I will post your guest blogger reviews throughout the month.

Let me know if you’re interested in this new challenge of mine either via the comments section below or by email

I want to thank the wonderful Cara at Silver Screen Serenade for the inspiration to open up this Guest Blogger challenge to my readers.  Thanks Cara!

In addition, it has come to my attention that my comments section somehow got disabled, so I’d like to apologize to all my readers.

It has now been fixed.

Looking forward to seeing all your thoughts on this.

Happy Holidays One and ALL!!


9 thoughts on “MovieRob’s Childhood Flashback Movie Challenge

  1. I was wondering why you didn’t allow comments. 😉

    Now I guess I know it wasn’t a conscious choice.

    And I’m in to participate. But with what? Hmmm.

    Has anyone taken Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (the Kevin Costner vehicle) yet?


    • sounds great! I look forward to seeing your review and thoughts on it.

      yep, somehow my settings got changed. I’m glad someone pointed it out to me because I started to think no one liked to comment 🙂 (just paranoid li’l ole me)

      welcome aboard!!


  2. Good idea. I’d like to contribute something. 🙂 No clue what yet!!! Too bad I watched Short Circuit again a little while ago – that would have been a good one. I’ll have a think… And it may be closer to the end of January! I think I’ve agreed to do some others in January but can’t remember what or who for now! Oops… So I may need gentle reminding in January. 🙂


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