All is Lost (2013)

CN_AllIsLost13th of July, 4:50 pm. I’m sorry… I know that means little at this point, but I am. I tried, I think you would all agree that I tried. To be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right. But I wasn’t. And I know you knew this. In each of your ways. And I am sorry. All is lost here… except for soul and body… that is, what’s left of them… and a half-day’s ration. It’s inexcusable really, I know that now. How it could have taken this long to admit that I’m not sure… but it did. I fought ’til the end, I’m not sure what this worth, but know that I did. I have always hoped for more for you all… I will miss you. I’m sorry.” – Our Man

Number of Times Seen – 1 (29 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A man all alone in his boat on The Indian Ocean must figure out how to survive when his boat is damaged.

My Take on it – I heard about this movie a few months ago and have been excited to see it ever since I heard the premise. Robert Redford has always been a great actor and this movie gives him the opportunity to really prove how good he truly is.

Many people can ask the question how can a movie be good if it has 3 or 4 lines of dialogue in its entire 100 minute running time?  How can an actor show how great he is without having the ability to speak?

The answer is that it’s possible and this movie proves it. The movie moves it story along by use of action, by use of natural sounds of nature and by us seeing the growing anguish and despair of the unnamed protagonist.

It is truly a triumph of movie maker IMHO.

One of things I loved was how they ended the movie. (anyone who wants to discuss that can feel free to email me since I don’t want to give away any spoilers here.)

Bottom Line – Excellent portrait of a man all alone who must use only his own knowledge to attempt to survive. Amazing non-verbal performance by Redford. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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