The Artist (2011)

the_artist_poster“[first lines, heard in one of his films] I won’t talk! I won’t say a word!” – George Valentin

Number of Times Seen – 2 (22 Jan 2012 and 30 Dec 2013)

Brief Synopsis – A silent movie star must try and find a way to adapt in the changing world.

My Take on it – This movie is an analogy of how we all need to find a way to adapt in an ever changing world.  The use of a silent film star to spearhead that analogy is pure genius.

This movie works well within its own limitations, which is unfortunate because it could have been ever better than it is.

Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are both great here as the old guard and new guard and how they must find a way to work together in order to continue moving forward to gain success.

This movie came out in a very opportune year since 2011 was a very weak movie year and due to this fact, this movie about nostalgia for the olden days while looking at the future was able to take home Gold.

It won 5 Oscars (out of 10) Picture, Actor, Director, Costumes and Music.

It lost Screenplay, Cinematography, Supporting Actress (Bejo), Film Editing and Art Direction.

I think Hugo (2011) was a slightly better movie, but it didn’t have a chance at winning Best picture (even though it tied this movie with 5 Awards out of 11 nominations)

Bottom Line – Very good movie in a year that didn’t have any amazing movies. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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18 thoughts on “The Artist (2011)

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  2. Ohhh. Oscar worthy! I ADORE this movie. It was my favorite of 2012 (when it came out in the UK). Do you like silent films? After watching this, I finally got around to watching Charlie Chaplin movies, which I totally fell in love with. 🙂


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