Lone Survivor (2013)

ls“We know Shah killed fourteen Marines last Tuesday in Kandahar. We just pulled this video off three different Tali web sights. It will in fact be a glorious day when Ahmad Shah and his good friend Taraq are no longer members of our human community.” – Erik Kristensen

Number of Times Seen – 1 (1 Jan 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The true story and heroism of a failed mission of a Navy SEAL unit in 2005 in Afghanistan.

My Take on it – Movies have the ability to transport us to times, places, and situations that we probably will never find ourselves in.  From these images, we can sometimes see what the real people felt and saw during these tense moments in life.

Scenes of war are especially harrowing to watch because of the emotions felt during those intense moments.  Saving Private Ryan (1997) and Black Hawk Down (2001) are two movies that have tried to show us the realism of war and how terrible a battle can be. Before a former soldier, those movies scared the hell out of me because I knew it could happen like that.

This movie is similarly successful since it shows us what happened on that fateful day to a Navy SEAL unit during their attempt at capturing a wanted terrorist in the Afghani countryside.

This isn’t a movie about individual performances but rather a movie which wants to show us the heroism of US troops during battle.  How their never give up attitudes and love for their brothers in arms helped them fight that day.

I think that Peter Berg did an amazing job here as Director portraying the patriotic and heroic feelings US troops feel while serving their country.

This movie can get very graphic and knowing that it is based on truth can add another layer of emotional impact making it that much harder to watch.  This isn’t your typical Stallone or Arnie action movie where we don’t care at all about the gratuitous violence since these were real men who fought and died for their country.

This isn’t a movie that will many awards, but at least I believe it will win the hearts and minds of the families and friends of those heroic men as this movie is a true tribute to their service.

Bottom Line – Great action movie that takes us onto the front lines during an intense battle in Afghanistan in 2005. Added emotional impact since it is real. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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