The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

M_Id_454621_Wolf_of_Wall_Street“This is the greatest company in the world!” – Jordan Belfort

Number of Times Seen – 1  (9 Jan 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The true story of Jordan Belfort, a self made millionaire who’s lifestyle was just a bit eccentric as he and his friends raked in millions from unsuspecting clients.

My Take on it – When it comes to Scorsese movies, I am very particular.  I don’t necessarily like them all, but some of them have just completely blown my minbd away.

This is one of those movies.

In a way very reminiscent of Goodfellas (1990), this movies tells the (true) story of the rise and falls of a criminal.  In Goodfellas (1990), it was a mobster, but here it’s a wall street broker whop hauled in millions of dollars over the years by scamming investors.

The way this tale is told is done very well because it starts from the very beginning and just takes us all the way to the end without stopping at any red lights.

The one flaw I saw in this movie was it’s length, by the time hour 2, comes and goes, you still see no end in sight and there were a few times where I just was hoping it would end soon because it seemed to just be dragging on so long.

That being said, all 3 hours of this movie were entertaining, but sometimes it’s just too much no matter how good it can get because it rehashes similar events.

The dialogue and script here are done extremely well and had it not been for the excessive length, this movie would have made my 2013 top ten.

Bottom Line – Scorsese knows how to give us epic tales, but this one goes on for much longer than it should and loses a lot of its impact in the final act. Great Scorsese movie. A bit long and very graphic. Hard to believe some of it is true, but still a fun story to watch unfold. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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