Frequency (2000)

freq“Ya’know the past is a funny thing, we all got skeletons in closet and ya never when one is gonna pop up and bite ya in the a…” – John Sullivan

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times  (18 Jan 2001 on DVD, a few more times on DVD and 13 Jan 2014)

Brief Synopsis – When fiddling with an antique CB radio, a NYC cop somehow finds a way to miraculously communicate with his deceased father 30 years earlier.  Everything is great until they inadvertently start to change history and the reality around them.

My Take on it – A group of friends and me decided to rent a DVD and just happened to come across this movie.  We stupidly watched the coming attractions for it and although we didn’t know it at the time, too many great plot points were revealed.

That’s why I never watch a preview right before watching a movie that I’ve never seen.  I don’t mind seeing it months earlier, but it’s never a good idea to watch them back-to-back.

I loved this movie from that first viewing (and obviously all subsequent viewing) and even bought the DVD not long afterwards.  This was one of the first movies that I ever watched with the director’s commentary and it was such a great experience.

I really liked how they both separate and merge (at the same time) the action in 1969 and the action in 1999 and I really felt the connection between the characters.

I have always thought Dennis Quaid to be an underrated actor and he once again shows here how strong a performance he is capable of giving.  I believe this was my initial exposure to Jim Caviezel and he is also quite captivating here. This movie also features Noah Emmerich who I think always ROCKS!!!

Yes, I’m aware that upon careful viewing of the science and plot of this movie, there are many holes, but when a thriller like this can captivate me on such an emotional level, I’m willing to forgive a few plot holes here and there. 🙂

Great use of music here (in both eras), lots of baseball references (my second favorite type of references in a movie, the first being other movies).

I keep enjoying this movie more and more after all these years.

Look for a very young Michael Cera as Emmerich’s son

Bottom Line – Great thriller with a sci-fi twist.  Great acting by Caviezel and Quaid. Excellent music score and theme song.  Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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10 thoughts on “Frequency (2000)

  1. I only saw this in the theater, when it was first released, so I don’t know if my mid-thirties self would like it as much as my early-twenties self. But I know I liked it back then.

    (Incidentally, I haven’t forgotten your series. Robin Hood is my next ‘to watch’ movie. I’ll have my review to you by the end of the week.)


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