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For those of you who check out my Movie Stats page [which based on my hits, not too many of you :)], you can see that I have written reviews for close to 500 movies since I began this blog last April.

As I draw near to that milestone, I have been trying to decide how to appropriate mark such an occasion.

What better way than to do a movie marathon of my favorite movie series of all time – Star Wars!!!

These reviews will be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen these iconic films, I suggest that you go watch them immediately and then come back to read what I have to say about them 🙂

I am currently holding at 494 reviews, so the 6 movies in the Series will get me to exactly to 500.

I watch the prequel trilogies back to back to back this past Thursday and watched the original trilogy back to back to back yesterday (Sunday).

So I can now say that I have reached the 500 Movie review Milestone!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved all things Star Wars.  I’ve read all the books, collected the action figures and other toy tie-ins, and combined have seen the movies more than 150 times.

I doubt there are any other movies where I came even close to that number of viewings.

Return of the Jedi is also the movie that I have seen the most in the theater (17 times during it’s run from May 1983 thru Feb 1984 plus once in 1997 for the Special Edition).

I only saw the original twice plus the SE and I never had the pleasure of seeing Empire on the big screen (eventhough it is quite possibly my favorite of all 6)

I saw all 3 of the prequels twice in the theater and in the 14+ years since it all started again in ’99, I have seen each of them at least 10 -20 more times.

I by no means am an authority on everything Star Wars, but I know a lot more than any one person (besides George Lucas) probably should know.

I know most of the minor character’s names and many of their backstories and even used to be able to name many of the Ewoks onscreen. (Imagine watching a movie where someone screams out “Hey, there’s Paploo!”)

There are many who are angry at Lucas for creating the prequel trilogy  or the Special Editions because it “ruined” their viewing experience.  The truth is, that for me, I loved seeing them and I only think they add new and interesting dimensions to an already rich world that was created a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..

I love the fact that prior to the prequel trilogy, it was assumed that the arc of the trilogy was all about Luke’s discovery of his heritage and for him to embrace his Jedi abilities.  Once the prequels came out, that notion was flipped over because, the true story is now the emergence of an anomaly in the Force who would eventually bring balance to it; these movies now becomes Anakin’s story and over the 6 movies, we see how he goes from an “innocent” child, to a very adept  but independent Jedi, to the Dark Lord of the Sith and finally to his redemption when he kills the Emperor and “brings balance to the Force”

To me, the idea that I can watch a set of movies I loved from 30 years ago and give them an entirely new interpretation every time I re-watch them is amazing.

Kudos to Lucas for creating this engrossing world and I can’t wait to see what JJ Abrams and Disney have in store for us in a bit less than two years from now when they continue these stories on the big screen!

In addition, here are links a few of my favorite Star Wars parody videos.  I highly recommend you check them out.

1. Robot Chicken (They actually have 3 episodes, but I could only find one online

2. Triumph the Insult Comic interviews Star Wars Fans

3. Family Guy had 3 great episodes, but I can’t find them online, just this highlight clip

I want to once again thank all my followers (the few that you are) and I look forward to another 500 reviews in the coming months!

and now without further ado,  the reviews…..


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9 thoughts on “Milestone Movie Marathon – Star Wars Movies

  1. I am so thrilled that you love this. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, too, and I actually started these last week. I just have one more to watch and then I can guarantee you I will be starting them again soon. These films are just amazing, fun, beautiful and just great to watch, never getting too long and NEVER getting an inch of boring. Amazing! Great way to celebrate your milestone, by the way!


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