Exam (2009)

exam_2009_300x447_958153“There is one question before you, and one answer is required. If you try to communicate with myself or the guard, you will be disqualified. If you spoil your paper, intentionally or accidentally, you will be disqualified. If you choose to leave this room for any reason, you will be disqualified.  Any questions?” – The Invigilator

Number of Times Seen – 1  (26 Jan 2014)

Brief Synopsis – 8 people are locked in a room for a final test in order to get accepted for a job.  The problem is none of them know the answer to the question.

My Take on it – This movie has a very interesting premise, but unfortunately it doesn’t pan out at all.

We know absolutely nothing about any of the candidates even at the end and in reality, the viewer doesn’t really care what happens to any of them because there is no substance to any of their characters because they aren’t developed at all.

None of the actors here are familiar and in a situation like this one, it helps, but also hinders.  It helps because if it was just one known actor, the odds are we would have someone to root for.  It hinders tho, because we (as I stated earlier) don’t care at all about the characters.

This movies moves at a nice pace, but ultimately at the end, you don’t feel as if you truly get anything from the experience.

Bottom Line – Interesting premise, but doesn’t work so well.  The viewer doesn’t care much about what happens. Stay away from this one

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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