Life as a House (2001)

Life-as-a-House-Poster-3-life-as-a-house-35503407-300-418“Hindsight. It’s like foresight without a future.” – George

Number of Times Seen – 2  (3 Sep 2002 and 27 Jan 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A man diagnosed with cancer decides to spend his final months reconnecting with his estranged son and building his dream house.

My Take on it –  I have always been a fan of Kevin Kline and this is among his best performances IMHO.

His character decides to change his life when he comes to grips with his own mortality and then must evaluate what’s truly important to him.

This movie is not widely known and has some great performances besides Kline.  Mary Steenbergen, Kirsten Scott Thomas, Jena Malone, Ian Somerhalder, Jamey Sheridan and Scott Bakula are all solid here.

The standout here tho is Hayden Christensen who was even nominated for a SAG and a Golden Globe for his role here of a messed up kid who doesn’t want to be with either of his parents for the summer.  For those of you out there who think H.C. is a hack after his role of a younger Anakin Skywalker in Episodes II and III, this movie and Shattered Glass (2003) prove that he really can act.

On a side was great hearing Scott Bakula say WTF!!  I am so use to him being the boyscout he was in one of the greatest TV shows ever Quantum Leap that it came off totally uncharacteristic for him.

Bottom Line – Great movie about it never being too late to fulfill your dreams and finding the most important things in life. Excellent cast. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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21 thoughts on “Life as a House (2001)

  1. I like this one a lot, too. It helped me gain an appreciation for Christensen and continued my admiration for Jena Malone (which started with Donnie Darko).

    Honestly, using your scale, I would probably flip this and Deep Impact. This would get an Oscar Worthy from me, I think.


  2. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film and have seen it a few times. People must just stop hating on Hayden Christensen and get over themselves! 😛 Excellent review, I really feel like watching this again!


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