Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor-the-Dark-World“Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. They’re wrong. There was darkness… and it has survived.” – Odin

Number of Times Seen – 1 (3 Feb 2014)

Brief Synopsis – Thor is back and this time must save Jane Foster when she is possessed by a great power.

My Take on it – I must confess that of the Avenger standalone heroes, Thor is my least favorite.  I wasn’t so enthralled with the original movie.

Perhaps because of this fact, I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing this one, but I had heard some great things about it (especially from my friend table9mutant from Cinema Parrot Disco).

I was actually quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this.  It is better than the original and also better than The Incredible Hulk (2008), but still has a ways to go to reach The Iron Man trilogy, Captain America (2011) or The Avengers (2012).

This movie is action-packed and bringing Loki back to be the antagonist for the third time was a smart move, because Tom Hiddleston is perfect in that role.

This movie is definitely worthy of the series and I now will be looking forward to the next Thor movie in the series.

Bottom Line – A step up from the previous Thor movie. Action packed Superhero movie worthy of being part of the continuing Marvel Avengers series. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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15 thoughts on “Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    • yes, I’m a big superhero /comic book fan so I enjoyed this one eventhough Thor isn’t my favorite character.

      They know how to balance the action and drama and keep both peppered with humor.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting


  1. Great review. I must look into this. To be honest, after The Avengers, I got so wary of the films and what not, and Iron Man 3 didn’t really help matters. Will get to all of them eventually again though.


  2. Hey – I totally missed this review! Thanks for the mention again!!! I did enjoy this one – I thought it was A LOT better than the first one. And, you know, Chris Hemsworth is kind of cute. Lol. ; ) WordPress is weird – if you link to someone’s main blog page, WordPress doesn’t send a notification. But if you link to a specific review, WordPress will sent that blogger a notification… Just in case you want people to know when you mention them – it may be just me, though, because I do ALL blogging on an iPhone app which doesn’t always work well! : )


    • that’s why I started linking to your “about” page. not sure if that works also.

      I don’t usually watch movie b/c of the “hotness” of the actors, but I did like this one better tha the first


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