Nebraska (2013)

nebraska_black-and-white-post_2013-drama-payne“Oh, they’re over in the Catholic cemetery. Catholics wouldn’t be caught dead around all these damn Lutherans.” – Kate Grant

Number of Times Seen – 1  (5 Feb 2014)

Brief Synopsis – An elderly man and his son go on a road trip from Montana to Nebraska to collect a prize

My Take on it – After having seen most of the big releases of 2013, I didn’t expect to see another one that would be able to make it into my top ten.

I now have!

I really enjoyed this movie because it tells a simple story that so many people can easily relate to.

Bruce Dern, Wil Forte and June Squibb are all amazing here.  The writer, Bob Nelson was able to create such characters that resonate with familiarity and make the viewer feel for everything they are going through.

Alexander Payne, the director, made a movie that made me feel like I know these people in a similar way to what he was able to do with Sideways (2004).   In both movies, he tries to deal with loneliness and loss and finding a way to make amends in life for past errors.

Payne and Nelson are able to create an environment where we can wholeheartedly sympathize with the characters and also feel comfortable laughing at the comical scenarios that they tend to get themselves into.

The idea to film this entirely in black and white is great because it gives the viewer the feleing that they are watching events that really happened.

I was so captivated by the journey of these two men that I didn’t want that journey to end after 2 hours.

Bottom Line – Great movie that builds strong characters who make us all realize what it means to get older and decide what is important in life. Excellent cast. Story is written extremely well. Payne knows how tho write great characters and its so entertaining watching the ones here, but is it really a story worthy of being BP? Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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12 thoughts on “Nebraska (2013)

    • All movies have flaws, very few (if any) are perfect and I liked the character development a lot here. We really got to know them and feel for them.

      In some ways Woody reminded me of my step-father (who passed away last summer) so I also felt more of a connection to Woody than many people might have.

      Thanks for commenting

      What flaws are you referring to here?


      • The main characters are definitely well developed. No question. I felt a powerful connection to each of them as well.

        I evaluate the flick much more in my own review, but I think a number of the minor characters underdeveloped, some of the secondary performances uneven, and some of the dialogue less effective than it might have been.


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