Deal of the Century (1983)

DealCentury1“[demonstrating his products] Now here’s a little item I think you might go for in a big way – Dragonteeth mines. Made in the US and used successfully in Vietnam, I might add. These little honeys won’t kill ya’, but they’re guaranteed to take a foot off. Take a couple of samples, take ’em home, see if you like ’em, let me know how many you need. Okay?” – Eddie Muntz

Number of Times Seen – at least 5 times (numerous times on cable in the ’80’s and 11 Feb 2014)

Brief Synopsis – An arms dealer gets in over his head when he tries to sell weapons to a South American dictator.

My Take on it – I seem to recall liking this movie a lot when it was on cable in the mid-80’s.

After having re-watched it, I can’t even find one redeemable reason as to why.

This movie is so silly and stupid.

None of the 3 main actors (Chevy Chase, Gregory Hines and Sigourney Weaver) contribute anything here and it just seems like they all signed on for the money not caring that there is nothing, absolutely nothing of worth in the script or plot.

Each of them have numerous other films where they did succeed, so don’t take this acting sample as proof of their lack of abilities.

Doesn’t age well at all!

Bottom Line – I have no clue why Chase, Hines or Weaver would choose willingly to have made this movie.  No clue what I liked about it in the 80’s.  Skip it!!

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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