Shattered Glass (2003)

shattered glass“This guy is toast” – Adam Penenberg

Number of Times Seen – 5 times  (23 Sep 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 18 Feb 2014)

Brief Synopsis – The true story of a reporter who was willing to do anything to get a story.

My Take on it –  I have always had an interest in journalism and even have a degree in Communications with the intention of becoming a reporter.

That never happened, but I still remained interested in the field.

When I happened to come across this movie in 2004 on DVD, I was shocked at how good it was and have enjoyed watching it a few more times since, enjoying it more and more every time.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot because I want anyone who watches this to see everything for themselves, but this movie is another proof (besides Life as A House (2001)] that contrary to popular belief, Hayden Christensen knows how to act when he gets a great script.

This movie also has a personal connection to me since I use to read The New Republic magazine whenever I could and I loved reading weekly editorials by Michael Kelly.  It was very tragic news when I heard he was one of the first casualties in Iraq when he got killed in a car crash.

This movie is actually dedicated to him.

The story here seems implausible in today’s day and age, but back when the internet was just getting off the ground in 1997, it really did happen.

Most of you probably have never heard of this, but I suggest that you still try and see it.

Bottom Line – Great film based on a story that in and of itself seems implausible but true. Highly Recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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9 thoughts on “Shattered Glass (2003)

    • still is peppered with those things.

      I think it actually has aged extremely well because now we all understand the Internet better and how print media has slowly died over the years opening the doors for everyone and anyone who wants to write to do so and it’s harder to know whether what you read is truth or fiction.

      Thanks JJ.


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