New Guest Blogging Series – Genre Grandeur

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So I’ve been mulling over ideas with a few close blogger friends for a new series to invite Guest bloggers to share their reviews on my site.   We are such a diverse community of movie lovers with such eclectic tastes in films that I thought one of the best ways for us to connect even better would be thru an idea I had which I will call Genre Grandeur.

Each month I will choose a new film genre and request guest posts from you wonderful people regarding your favorite movie in that genre.

The rules are quite simple and loose, all you have to do is write a review (in whatever format you want) and send it to me for me to post during the given month of each genre.

So without further ado let’s kick this one off!!!

March’s topic will be…..


Please send me your reviews of your favorite thriller to and I will start posting them in March.

Looking forward to doing this new series.

Hopefully a lot of you will be keen to participate.

(Thanks to all my blogger friends for their input in fleshing this out)

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