A modest request from my fellow Bloggers – a pseudo contest

The Winner isHey Guys,

Now that I have finished my goal of reviewing all 86 Best Picture Oscar winners, I am looking for a new movie watching side project.

I am seeking recommendations from you guys in order to find that new bright idea.

If anyone comes up with a good enough idea for me to try and tackle and I choose it, I am willing to review any 5 movies of your choice (for your site or for mine) as compensation within the next month. (This is your chance Eric to make me watch 5 terrible movies if you so choose) 🙂

I was originally thinking of maybe doing the IMDB top 250, but Table9Mutant is doing that already and has gotten lots of us fellow bloggers involved.  Another idea was to maybe watch all Best Picture nominees, but I found the list quite daunting since it has close to 500 titles on it, many of which would be quite a chore to watch.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys can come up with.

I hope to chose the “winner” by next Sunday, so please send me your idea to moviechallenge2014@movierob.net as soon as possible.

Thanks guys!


Check out my *updated* movie stats here

To see my reviews of all Oscar Best Picture Winners click here (now complete)

8 thoughts on “A modest request from my fellow Bloggers – a pseudo contest

    • Appreciate for the suggestion Mikey, but I want to *enjoy* watching movies. Shitfest contribution aside, I try to watch movies for enjoyment, not to laugh at how bad they are.

      Try again pls 🙂


  1. Gees, Rob, this could be tricky. I mean, what haven’t you seen?! Hahaha. I might try to come up with some mild horrors for you to watch. See if the genre can win you over. 😉


    • first of all, it could be movies that I’ve already seen or even reviewed previously, but you only get to “force” me to watch them if you give me the idea that I choose 🙂


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