Genre Grandeur – Amber Lake (2011)

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For my first installation of Genre Grandeur (Thriller), I present to you a selection from good ole Eric Isaacs from The IPC.  Eric is the creator of Shitfest and his blog is always interesting to read.  If you don’t already check it out, I strongly recommend that you go over there right now (ok, after you’ve read this) 🙂

Now I’ll turn things over to Eric, so he can tell us what his favorite Thriller is:


I remember when we first got our new cable provider and I was poking around with the VOD services one afternoon and came across this, watched the trailer and thought… MEH. Looks boring and passed it up. A few months later I was at home on a day off, sleeping in and decided to watch a movie in bed with the dogs and finally decided to give it a shot and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I think, people that know me are probably going to be surprised that I liked this so much; it’s totally NOT a movie people would associate with me. There’s no boobs or blood or The Sex or boobs or beheadings or knifings or boobs or blood and all of that. It’s a very slow story about three sisters (who didn’t know each other existed) telling their story about the night before to a cop who’s looking into the death of their asshole father.

Do I think YOU will like it? I don’t know – it’s slow and there’s no big explosions or two second cuts – it’s deliberate and smart and steady and the last four minutes are brilliant and – even though this is a writer’s cop out to say but – I REALLY do wish I had written this. I would love to talk to anyone else who’s seen it.

I’ve always been the type of person who can see other people’s point of view. I don’t know why, but I have always been very sensitive to other people’s feelings, so when I do things, I think of the outcome of my actions, especially how it relates to who I am interacting with – thus – I might sometimes come off as slow, but I am really thinking about how everything is going to play out. For instance, writing this and giving it five stars, I am thinking, I hope no one rushes out to watch this and then hates it and wastes their five bucks because of me. But what can I say? I loved it and I’ve watched it a dozen times.

So – what’s the point, Isaacs? I’m a big sucker when it comes to Changing Perspective movies. Some recent things I’ve seen that make use of the Change of View thing are TIMECRIMES, THE HIDDEN FACE and even Harry Potter 3. And that’s what this movie is all about. These three good looking chicks get an invitation to go see their dad. They all meet for the first time (different mothers) and the dad ends up dead in the lake behind the house. A cop comes by to try and figure things out and the three ladies relay their version of what happened the night before. All three are different – but kind of the same – but I just love the way the writers built these characters and how each character would interpret something. It’s SMART. And, while I think most of humanity is STUPID, I like it when people get SMART.

That’s probably about enough from me. I totally love this thing and would highly recommend it but… it’s slow.

Thanks again to Eric for his review.

If anyone else is still interested in sending me their review of their favorite Thriller, email it to me at before 20 march 2014

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