Fletch (1985)

fletch“[to Gail Stanwyck, who answers the door wearing a towel] Can I borrow your towel for a sec? My car just hit a water buffalo.” – Fletch

Number of Times Seen – at least 10 times  (theater in 1985, numerous times on cable and 6 Mar 2014)

Brief Synopsis – An investigative reporter in L.A. is hired to murder a man and decided to find out why

My Take on it – Chevy Chase has always been humorous in my eyes, but of all his movies, I believe that this one is his best.

The character of Fletch may be familiar to many because of the series of books this movie is based on, but Chase takes the character to a new and higher level with his deadpan humor and delivery.

He is a master of disguise and uses his many personae to investigate his articles in an in depth way.

In high school, my friends and I would constantly quote many of the amazing lines from this movie over and over, never getting bored.

Even when one of us  would make strange reference to Mr. Underhill or water buffaloes, the rest of us would burst out laughing even if it was during class.

29 years after this movie came out I still have those lines etched to my brain and thoroughly enjoyed re-watching this.

Look for a very young Geena Davis in a small part as Fletch’s assistant Larry.  It was nice to see George Wendt, Joe Don Baker and Tim Matheson in this one.

The police chase is classic as is the movie’s theme song Bit by Bit by Stephanie Mills.  Hear it here!

Bottom Line – Chase’s best and funniest movie.  Witty one liners that are still stuck in my head after almost 30 years.  Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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