Foreign Favourites: Hearat Shulayim (Footnote)

I participated in Alex’s wonderful Foreign Favorites. Thanks for letting me join in! It was lots of fun!

Alex Raphael

(Spins the roulette wheel). And it’s time for another entry to the Foreign Favourites series. Today’s participant is the very prolific film critic Movierob who has a really neat collection of movie reviews that I really recommend you check out. You’ll be adding to the list of films you need to see in no time!

Footnote film poster

Hearat Shulayim (Footnote)

“[to a student] I will tell you something that my father told me once: Your work has many things correct and many things innovative. Unfortunately, the innovative things are not correct and the correct things are not innovative.” – Uriel Shkolnik

Number of Times Seen – 2 (6 Jan 2012 and 5 Mar 2014)

Brief Synopsis – A father and son who are rival academic research professors in a top Israeli university are pitted against one another when one of them is awarded the top Israeli academic prize.  This rivalry brings…

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