SK Olympics – Mr. Mom – Detroit, USA

Mikey from Screenkicker is doing an Olympics style blogathon. Here is my first review for him based on my growing up in the suburbs of Detroit!.
Thanks Mikey!



After a strong start for the arid, spider filled, wasteland that is Australia who has the balls to step up and big up their home? Today it’s the turn of Movie Reviewing Machine Rob™. It turns out Rob grew up on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan. He hustled and took part in dope rap battles until he found his love for movie blogging with his site MovieRob. Over to you MRMR™!


Screenkicker Olympics: Detroit, USA

Mr. Mom (1983)

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit Michigan called Southfield (which is approx. 10 miles North of the city itself.  When Mikey posted about this blogathon, I wracked my brain trying to think of a movie to review that represents the homelife that I grew up with (somewhat).


Here is a pic of the bottom part of the thumb in the Michigan “mitten”.  You can see the proximity of…

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