Happy Blogiversary to Me!


WOW! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this for a year already.

Tomorrow 11 April will be my 1 year anniversary since I posted my first movie review (It was the classic movie from 1950, Harvey (1950) starring Jimmy Stewart.)

It will also be my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Happy B-day H.!! (This is pure coincidence, really!)

In honor of this personal milestone, I have decided to now add an index of all my reviews A-Z so that my followers can catch up on older reviews or just be able to find a review for a particular movie much easier.  You can see the list by clicking here.  (It will soon appear in my header also)

This year has been turbulent for me in many ways, but ultimately it’s thanks to all you wonderful people that I have enjoyed this so much.

Here are some stats of my blogging accomplishments:

  • I have 150 followers [I’m feeling like Joe Carroll :)]
  • This site has had 5,923 hits.
  • I have reviewed 676 movies
  • of those 282 ave been movies that I have never seen before (that’s almost 42%)
  • 8 of those movies reviewed have been reviewed twice by me and Gravity (2013) was reviewed 3 times
  • I have seen all 86 Best Picture Oscar Winners
  • of my 676 reviews 233 have been rated 4 stars (Oscar Worthy) 34.47%
  • of my 676 reviews 238 have been rated 3 stars (Globe Worthy) 35.21%
  • of my 676 reviews 126 have been rated 2 stars (BAFTA Worthy) 18.64%
  • of my 676 reviews 79 have been rated 1 star (Razzie Worthy) 11.68%
  • I ran a (somewhat) successful series in January about revisiting childhood movies to see if we still felt the same about them years later.
  • I have started a new monthly series called Genre Grandeur where each month, I post reviewers favorite movies in different genre’s

My biggest accomplishment tho has been to make so many great blogging friends, so a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for helping me make this milestone.

Here’s to another year of lots of fun movie reviews!!!


Check out my *updated* movie stats here

To see my reviews of Oscar Winning Performances check out this link

To see my reviews of all Oscar Best Picture Winners click here (now complete)

25 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

    • Thanks Joseph! appreciate it. my daughter still isn’t yet at the age where she grasps the real concept of a birthday, but she got a great present yesterday from my wife. We were at an amusement park and she picked a winning number randomly and won a huge Minnie Mouse doll for her. She was ecstatic and constant hugs her “Icky Ouse” doll


    • thought you read them all Mikey. I coulda had one more in that list if you’d have already posted my other Olympics review… 🙂

      Thanks. She also says thanks but keep your paws to yourself 🙂


  1. Congrats to you, Rob!!! That’s fantastic!!! SO MANY MOVIES. Dunno how you do it, my friend. Here’s to another excellent year! And a very happy birthday to your daughter! Good luck with the terrible twos. 😉


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